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Arla Foods

Arla Foods Sthlm 2Arla is a cooperative dairy company owned primarily by Swedish and Danish farmers. Sweden, Denmark, England and Germany are their core markets.
Arla Foods Stockholm’s dairy plant in Kallhäll has been tasked with providing additional distribution and production services in the past year. The dairy plant daily delivers some 1.5 million kilograms of fresh dairy products to customers mainly in Mälardalen.

The refrigeration warehouse has been extended with a further 3,000 m2 of space, and EAB has erected a new pallet racking system in the extension. In so doing, logistics have been streamlined and improved in the entire warehouse.
The warehouse handles in total more than 500 different dairy products. The largest volume share is milk, fermented milk, and cream which are produced in their own dairy plant in Kallhäll. 202 drive-through lines have been installed to streamline and improve the picking process, and 726 push-back lines for buffer storage have been installed.

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