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KWH FREEZE effective down to –25°

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KWH Freeze is Finland’s leading commercial freezer storage company with warehouses in Vanda and Ingå, both located just outside Helsinki. Their first order of storage racks from EAB was in 1996. Since then, EAB has delivered its products to KWH no fewer than eight times, including 15 radioshuttle robots and 50 folding doors – leading to a warm and efficient cooperation in a particularly cold environment.

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Peter Lång, CEO of KWH Freeze
“We are very satisfied with EAB as a supplier. We used to have a different supplier for pallet racking, but were not really satisfied. We endeavour to ensure quality in everything that we do and offer our customers. EAB’s products are really stable and of consistently high quality.” In the picture: Peter Lång, CEO KWH Freeze and Mika Eerikäinen, CEO and sales EAB Finland Oy.

Unique service and turnkey products
“EAB is also impressively service-oriented. When we make a change or need an installation, they handle the job, even if it’s over a weekend. Their deliveries always agree exactly with what we ordered. We also get help with planning, calculations, drawings and so on. After all, we know what we essentially want, but when it comes to detailed planning, bearing capacity and durability, that’s when EAB comes into the picture.”

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9 300 pallet racks ice-cooled
For the latest project in Vanda, EAB has delivered a radioshuttle system which runs up along a mezzanine (which comes from EAB steel buildings), Omega pallet racking, Cubic drive-in pallet racking as well as mobile pallet racking and protection totalling 9 300 racks in a freezer environment. We have also delivered eight power-operated folding doors in a thermo version with a silver metallic finish.

Goods with various turnaround rates
“This new 3 600  building was taken into service in May 2017. Everything went according to plan and we invested in state-of-the-art technology, with EAB’s radioshuttle system providing sterling service. The goods are handled in the warehouse in periods ranging from a few days up to six months. The variation in turnaround rates is one of the reasons why we need differing types of pallet racking.”

Cooling makes higher demands
“A freezer environment obviously makes higher demands on machines that frequently operate in this way. There is greater need for servicing, which must be carried out more frequently than if they were at room temperature.”

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Maintaining our position as market leader
“As market leader in freezer storage, we hope to maintain our position by serving our existing customers. We naturally also plan to grow, but only the future will show just when, where and how.”



The KWH Group is a family-owned company that includes KWH Freeze. KWH Freeze is a national leader in freezer storage. The company has warehouses in Vanda and Ingå and can offer a total of 65 000 pallet racks which currently handle 3 600 different products for caterers and the fast-turnaround trade. Some 500 000 pallet racks enter these warehouses each year and the same number is delivered to customers.

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