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TVÄTTA – A Nordic Ecolabelled washing plant at Rejmes Bil

Rejmes Topp2016 will see the completion of three new washing plants at Rejmes Bil in Laholm, Halmstad and Falkenberg. Tvätta is the Volvo dealer's own washing plant concept. The plants are wholly automatic, gentle on paintwork and, not least, Nordic Ecolabelled. Cars are gleaming clean in just a few minutes, and the biological treatment plant minimises the environmental impact and the consequences that washing at home in front of the garage can have.

EAB is supplying a complete building with steel frame, walls and roof. Furthermore, the interior is covered to withstand the damp climate. We can also pride ourselves on having supplied fully-glazed doors. This includes an entrance door, exit door, three pedestrian doors and a side-hung door in each plant.

Renovation of the private car sales facilities is also underway, and in Laholm we have been entrusted with assisting in the rebuilding. Here, too, we are honoured to supply three fully-glazed, machine-operated Folding doors.

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