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RS 6.0 - Smarter than ever!

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EAB is launching it’s sixth generation of Radioshuttle


The development of EAB’s successful Radioshuttle System for effective volume handling of pallets is continuing and the launch is now taking place of the sixth generation of the patented machine – RS 6.0 – developed on the basis of experience gained from over 1.000 different installations throughout the world.

Mats Carlsson, Divisional Manager EAB Storage Equipment, Smålandsstenar, Sweden
“The first version, RS 84, was launched in 1990 and EAB was then the first in the market with this type of volume handling of pallets. The customer was looking for efficiency and maximum utilization of the storage area. Our new system, which has also been patented, created entirely new opportunities through mechanical collection of pallets in high-density racking – valuable, not least for warehouses with pallet handling in cold or freezer storage.”

From – 30°C to + 40°C – quickly!
“The machines are often run round the clock, 7 days a week, and in temperature zones that vary between -30°C and + 40°C. These are extreme conditions, which our RS can handle thanks to its robust design both in terms of finish and technology. Our machine also has a short handling time, i.e. the cycle time including lifting, lowering, starting and stopping.”

Intelligent and flexible
“The aim for RS 6.0 was to design a machine that conforms to current laws, but is also ready for future needs – an extremely flexible machine, which also enables customers which already have our Radioshuttle System to supplement with the new machine. The customer can thereby mix different versions of our Radioshuttle in a single warehouse. This flexibility also includes the capability of handling different pallet sizes.”

Safe and user-friendly
“Another aim is to take safety to a new level, which we have achieved through features including a scanner. The technology is also constructed with a simple, advanced interface for clear communication between machine and user.”

Simplicity and versatility
“The new RS machine will be available in different versions, depending on the environment where it is intended to be used. Regardless of model, we have developed a versatile platform with most functions built-in from the outset. Then it’s up to the customer to decide which of these functions to activate in order to achieve the goals they have for their warehouse with regard to efficiency, safety, technology, communication and so on.”

Communicative machine in line with Industry 4.0
“RS 6.0 is equipped with new technology adapted to comply with Industry 4.0, which is a collective term used within the sector for a number of technologies within automation, process-industrial IT and manufacturing technology. The concept is linked to the Internet of Things (IoT) and means that each product in the handling chain carries information about where it should go and how, so that the warehouse can optimally organise itself. The aim is shorter changeover and lead times, fewer errors, greater flexibility and no time-consuming programming.”

A completely new system, built to last
“EAB’s Radioshuttle is not just a machine – it is a whole system with storage racks, charging stations, controls and accessories. New technology, but with the same robust design, high safety level and sustainability as previously – valuable watchwords for all of EAB’s products.”

• New design.
• New functions.
• Intelligent communication: RFID, WiFi, IoT, I-site, etc.
• DOP driver.
• User-friendly interface.
• Safety features including our scanner.
• Robust, can handle pallets up to 1,800 kg.
• Flexible – can be combined with existing systems, easy to make adjustments later if the need arises. Handles all pallet sizes.
• Proven! Continuous development over 30 years.
Experience from over 1.000 installations worldwide.

Contact Mikael Pernefors, Export Manager EAB Storage Equipment in Smålandsstenar, Sweden
Phone: +46 371-340 51
Cellphone: +46 70-553 04 40

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