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Tingstad Papper, Hisings Kärra

Tingstad Papper ToppTingstads Papper is a privately-owned company that was founded in 1959. It has now grown to become one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers and distributors of disposables and consumables to restaurants, hotels and the FMCG sector.

EAB has supplied the company with racking, picking tunnels with the Maxipacker system, diverse impact protection equipment, collapse protection and machine protection equipment.

Daniel Söderström, IT Manager and Project Manager at Tingstads' new logistics centre:
"We couldn't continue to grow in our existing premises, we needed somewhere that was more fit for purpose and had scope for development. We really wanted to find somewhere that was close to our head office, which hasn't been easy, but we finally got access to the land where we've now built our warehouse."

Highest efficiency
"It goes without saying that we imposed stringent requirements on achieving the highest possible efficiency in our new warehouse. We needed suppliers who we could trust and who were in the know. We were assisted in the process by Alfakonsult and Ramböll. We have collaborated with EAB a number of times in the past and everything has always worked very well. When we started looking for suppliers to fit out our new warehouse, it seemed obvious to ask them for a quote as well."

EAB offered a turnkey solution
"EAB was able to offer us an excellent turnkey solution with pallet racking, a picking tunnel with pallet automation, and collapse and collision protection which, when combined with the level of service and quality we knew they could give us, made EAB our ultimate choice. The warehouse was opened on schedule in January 2014, and we are over the moon. Of course, a lot of things will take time to become established in terms of procedures for our employees, but, for the most part, everything has worked perfectly."

Automated picking tunnelTingstad Papper 2
"One of the things that is completely new for us is the new picking tunnel, which has pallet automation. This solution has an incredible product capacity, which means that our high frequency products can be easily topped up and retrieved efficiently."

Jörgen Svensson, EAB Salesman and Tingstads Project Manager
"It feels great to be able to deliver such a big project to Tingstad Papper. Tingstads has a special place in my heart as it was my first customer when I started as a salesman at the end of the 1980s."
"For us at EAB, Tingstads Papper is a good reference as the company imposed stringent requirements in terms of efficiency and functionality. They sell quality and so look to buy quality as well and know that this solution will be a good solution over time in terms of cost."

Pallet racking for around 36,000 pallets.

Maxi Packer pallet racking with a picking tunnel for 1,600 pallets.
A 420-pallet conveyor for long side handling.
Post protection and collision protection.
Caption from facade
The 250 metre long facade is screen printed with photographs from the surrounding forest. The design has been consciously made to blend in with the surroundings. Logistic Contractor was the turnkey contractor

Location: Hisings Kärra, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Business: Supplier and distributor of single use items and consumables to restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.
Market: Scandinavia Turnover: SEK 1.5 billion Employees: about 260 
Number of pallet spaces: 45,000

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