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Over the past few years, EAB has developed new markets, invested in production, marketing and established new concepts within the areas of Steel buildings, Storage equipment and Doors. On 1 October, EAB also started a new company in North America which will supply the American and Canadian markets with artisan Småland engineering in the form of storage equipment systems.

 Per-Åke Andersson, owner and CEO at EAB, Smålandsstenar:
"We have an annual growth target of 10%, and we are trying to sustain that by constantly developing our range and discovering new markets. What's great to see is that we are now growing in all three areas of Steel buildings, Doors and Storage equipment. Our global growth, however, is down to our unique and patented System Maxipacker storage equipment system."

North America - a market with huge potential
"Via distributors in Canada, we have already managed to establish our "System Maxipacker" which makes drive-in racking warehouses more efficient. The product and our concept have attracted a lot of interest, and that is why we are now setting up our own company in North America. We have employed a CEO for the company who has wide and in-depth knowledge and experience of logistics. Together we will now build up EAB in North America. There is huge potential in the USA and Canada for storage equipment products, as there are enormous warehouse units which require efficient management and high safety standards. The food & beverage segment is just one example of a sector where our System Maxipacker will work brilliantly, as that sector has the volumes that will let our system come into its own."

We need more resources in all areas
"This growth means we now need more people. We would rather recruit internally, but as we are growing in all areas we also need to recruit employees externally to essentially all of our departments: design, production, administration and installation. We are also actively searching for students taking various engineering courses at the nearby universities."

We are based in Smålandsstenar, but can be found all over the world
"All of our operations are based in Smålandsstenar, aside from those linked to sales and projects in respective markets. Our products, however, are delivered to projects in almost every corner of the globe, which influences our business in different ways."

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