Designline5 400X207With our very flexible production, hard-wearing materials, expert workmanship and innovative drive, we can offer you a door solution beyond the ordinary.


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Steel that lasts
EAB's doors are made of steel, using a frame construction. In this respect, all our doors are alike, but this is the only 'standard' element. Thanks to the strength and intrinsic qualities of steel, we can manufacture doors with glazing of almost any dimension, access doors in the same style, interrupted thermal bridges, etc. - all without compromising strength, durability or functionality.

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The choice is clear
When new premises are built, or old ones rebuilt, letting plenty of light in is usually something to aim for. And light needs glass, in one form or another. When you choose an EAB door with a specific type of glass, you not only get plenty of lighting but, depending on what sort of glass you choose, the door also gives excellent protection against noise and cold (down to a U value of 1.1). You can, of course, also choose coloured glass, and/or glass with inbuilt solar protection.

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Keep the cold out
If you have a property which demands particularly good insulation, EAB doors will also give you this. Whether you choose a glass or steel infill, you can get a door with a very good U value without compromising design or functionality, something which is impossible with a sandwich construction, 

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Whatever your colour, we've got it
All our doors are galvanised in the standard version. There are a number of different coating options, depending on what sort of environment the door is to be used in. For example, you can choose lacquered sheeting as an infill and a different colour on the frame itself, or a wood infill with a lacquered frame, and so on. In other words, the choice of colour, infill and coating is entirely up to you.

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Take advantage of our know-how
You can benefit from our know-how in many ways, not least at the initial advisory stage. We can then help you with everything from construction and production to punching and installation. We look forward to meeting you. Welcome!

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