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Oatly, Landskrona

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Oatly exists for one reason and one reason only. They want to make it easy to people to eat and drink in a way that makes them feel good whilst at the same time not having to worry about using up the planet's resources. In the 90s, researchers made the revolutionary discovery that natural enzymes can convert fibre-rich oats into nutritious liquid food, perfectly suited to humans. Today, Oatly sells everything from different types of oat drinks and oat yoghurts, to ice cream (made from oats of course). Production, warehouses and the head offices are located in Landskrona. 

Because of its products, Oatly has warehouses that include refrigeration and freezer warehouses so they obviously need warehouse solutions that work in these temperature ranges.

Right at the start, Oatly purchased EAB pallet racks through EAB's distributor Hyllbörsen. After being satisfied with that solution from EAB, it didn't require much of a leap for Oatly to choose the same supplier for a system that could help them free up more space in the warehouse, space which they absolutely needed. That's when they chose Radioshuttle™ from EAB. The fact that Radioshuttle™ had documented experience working in different temperature ranges was both a requirement and a massive plus for Oatly, as well as one of the reasons why Radioshuttle™ in particular was the choice.

Magnus Ullerås, Project Manager and Salesperson, EAB:
"We have been working hard with Oatly for 10 years and they are a wonderful and exciting customer. This year, we have designed, planned and installed both pallet racks and Radioshuttle™. Oatly has some 3,000 pallet racks supplied by EAB and has also been using our patented Radioshuttle™ system for many years now. They are still very happy, which of course says a lot and is a real joy to hear."

Magnus Olin, Head of Warehouses at Oatly:
"EAB has always worked incredibly well and we are very happy with them and their solutions. Their Radioshuttle™ system is helping us free up loads of space, which is amazing and makes our everyday lives so much easier. EAB has succeeded in developing solutions built to last. Every year, I wish for two more Radioshuttles™ under the Christmas tree, so we'll see what Father Christmas brings this year."

Oatly 700X490 3

Oatly 700X490

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