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"Clockwork collaboration"

Daniel Wellington Clock 700X490

Daniel Wellington has been a well-known name for most people for many years now. The company was only founded in 2011 but a lot has happened in those eight years. Since its inception, it has relocated four times and having started the business in a cellar, it has just moved its warehouse business to a new warehouse in Uppsala measuring 5,000 m2.

Björn Jonsson, Salesperson, EAB:
"Daniel Wellington is a new customer for EAB and of course a very exciting one. They quickly grew out of their old set-up and it's really great that we've been able to accompany them on this journey. It's a giving collaboration with an open and transparent dialogue - quite simply a collaboration that runs like clockwork."

Today, Daniel Wellington has a total of 14 warehouses at locations around the world. The new warehouse in Uppsala supplies watches to customers across the whole of Sweden and many parts of Europe. EAB delivered pallet racks for around 1,500 pallet areas, bumpers, and a number of conveyors for the new warehouse.

Maria Andersson, Director of Logistics, Daniel Wellington:
"Having compared various alternatives, we went for EAB as our supplier both because they were able to meet our needs for a short delivery time, and because of their reputation for delivering quality in everything they do. I had experience with EAB from before and got good recommendations from other EAB customers. Being able to rely on your supplier is an absolute must, and we have a great deal of faith in EAB. That EAB is also a Swedish company with local production is of course also a plus."

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Facts Daniel Wellington

Filip Tysander began his company in 2011 after a chance meeting with a British gentleman who he thought had an impeccable and breezy style. The man had taste to match his vintage watches with old, worn-out NATO straps.

What was that man called?
Daniel Wellington.

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