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EAB supplies storage equipment for Martin & Servera

Martinservera ToppThe food wholesaler Martin & Servera is currently building yet another climate-smart facility. This time a 36 000 m2 warehouse in Enköping. The storage equipment for the approximately 37 000 pallet places is being supplied by EAB in Smålandsstenar.

Anders Agerberg, project manager at Martin & Servera:
"We have made a structural change through merge our former warehouses in Västerås and Årsta into one larger warehouse in Enköping. This means that going forward we will have warehouses in Halmstad, Norrköping, Umeå and Enköping."

Climate-smart facility
"When we designed our new facility in Enköping, in common with our other warehouse operations, we had high demands on making them as climate-smart as possible. It is about taking energy-efficiency into account in terms of everything from how the building is erected to how we use the energy as effectively as possible in day-to-day operations. Today we are extremely energy efficient in our facilities, not least in our freezers. Another example is that we only use LED light fittings. The geographically favourable location in Enköping also creates opportunities for more efficient transportation to customers in Central Sweden."

EAB as supplier
"We select suppliers based on a long-term perspective and have consequently selected EAB for our warehouse in Enköping. They supplied storage equipment in 2007 for our largest facility in Halmstad, and our experiences of them from that project were only positive. For us it is important to have a supplier which maintains high quality throughout the entire chain. EAB is a Swedish manufacturer with storage equipment solutions that are robust, safe and compatible with our previous systems, which, along with the price, was decisive when we also selected them for the Enköping project."

Martinservera Topp2

Björn Jonsson, salesman and project manager at EAB:
"It feels really good that we have the confidence of Martin & Servera again, and proof that we delivered an excellent project in Halmstad. We are carrying out the installation right now and it involves a total of 37 000 pallet places; 12 000 in the freezer, 8 000 in the cold store and 17 000 in the heated warehouse."

Withstands tough handling
"The storage equipment conforms to today's standards, with pallet stops, collapse guards and substantial post protection which can withstand tough handling. EAB also supplies tilt gates, collision guards and racks for the facility. I value Martin & Servera as a customer as they are committed and have a depth of knowledge and experience within the field. They take a long-term view of wear resistance, safety and durability, which benefits us at EAB as we always advocate these values." The facility in Enköping will be ready for occupation in January 2017.

EAB AB in Smålandsstenar develops, manufactures, sells and installs storage equipment, doors and steel buildings. The company has branches in Norway, Finland, Holland and Canada. Steel buildings and doors are principally sold on the Nordic market. EAB's storage equipment system is sold throughout the world. What the company's three product groups have in common is EAB Engineering PrinciplesTM, i.e. the unique way in which EAB designs and operates in order to deliver on the promises it makes to customers – Built to last. EAB is a family-owned company with 215 employees and a turnover of around SEK 690 million.

Martin & Servera is Sweden's leading restaurant and catering specialist. The company is owned jointly by Axel Johnson AB and the Oldmark family. Martin & Servera has a turnover of about 13 billion and some 2 900 employees. Martin & Servera has central warehouses in Halmstad, Umeå, Norrköping and Enköping (from January 2017).

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