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Our Maxipacker is a success and there is a steady increase in demand. In total, we have manufactured 3,500 machines since the outset and right now we are manufacturing the 1,000th model of the latest Maxipacker machine here at EAB, which is the fourth generation. This will be delivered to our company in North America in the spring.

Proven and very efficient
Maxipacker is EAB's patented machine designed to handle pallets in high density racking. Unlike other high density racking where it is necessary to drive into the rack with the truck, Maxipacker can collect or drop off the pallet. EAB's Maxipacker is right now lifting around 60,000 pallets all around the world – an impressive figure and clear evidence of how much our Maxipacker warehouse system has been in demand.


Who needs our Maxipacker system? 
Our Maxipacker system is absolutely best suited for warehouses that handle high-volume products – from fresh products and colonial products to capital goods and consumables. The machine can cope with temperatures between – 25°C and + 35°C. The common factor for our customers and projects is a high stipulation for efficiency, ergonomics, effective use of storage space and sustainability over time. Our customers include world-renowned brands within consumer goods, drinks, dairy products, etc.

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