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SIA Glass, Slöinge in Sweden

Sia Glass Topp

Sweden's oldest family company is expanding in Slöinge

SIA Glass has "only" been around since 1961, but in its genes and vast pool of experience, there are 440 years of locally produced, high-quality foodstuffs. SIA Glass came about as an employment project to secure jobs in Slöinge when the local abattoir was closed down. In the beginning, ice cream was not produced all year round, but biscuits were made instead in the factory during winter. In the 1970s the company developed and became a modern ice cream company with its unique concept for making ice cream.

SIA Glass in Slöinge is now expanding its production premises by 500 square metres, and adding mezzanine beams. EAB is a proud supplier of steel frames, self-supporting roofing, sandwich wall panels and mezzanine beams. We have also had the pleasure of supplying the doors.

Sia Glass Topp2


As a spin off from this project we have also delivered an extension to Wohlin's refrigeration warehouse which stocks finished ice cream for SIA Glass. The extension measures around 1,800 square metres.




Both projects are in partnership with MTA in Halmstad.

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