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NetOnNet, Jönköping in Sweden

Netonnet Topp

Proud supplier of Storage equipment for NetOnNet in Jönköping

NetOnNet has opened its warehouse store in Jönköping. The warehouse is the second in Småland and the 15th in total. NetOnNet has 14 warehouse stores situated around Sweden. The warehouse store in Jönköping will be 3,000 square metres and will have 20 employees.

The NetOnNet Warehouse store bases its concept on direct sales from the warehouse shelf. Instead of a large number of sales staff there are computers connected to the internet placed around the warehouse store with access to the entire range with price and product information.

Together with NetOnNet, EAB has developed an interior design concept with a clear lacquer finish which is the same in all stores and which is based on our Alfa pallet racking. We also supply a large number of mesh shelves and carton flow shelving specifically for handling upright flat screen TVs.

In August this year we are also going to be involved in moving a store and warehouse in Borås to Viared's industrial estate. New interiors for the store will be delivered and we will install some 15,000 pallet spaces using Omega pallet racking in their new warehouse premises.


Netonnet Topp2

In addition to having delivered storage equipment for NetOnNet, we have also designed and built a department store in partnership with NCC Jönköping. We have supplied the frame and roofing for the building, which is 2,628 square metres in size and 8 metres high. A 24 metre long signage stand was fitted on the roof of the building.


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