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EAB installs warehouse for Hansa Borg

Hansa Borg ToppRunar Bøe (Salesman EAB Lagerteknikk), Morten Brostrøm (Site manager, Hansa Borg Bryggerier) and Frank Mandal (Salesman EAB Lagerteknikk)

EAB installs huge warehouse for Hansa Borg 

Brewers Hansa Borg Bryggerier of Sarpsborg in Norway are investing in their future. A huge 5,300 square metre warehouse with more than 5,000 pallet spaces and scope for a further 8,000, will guarantee a bright future for the business. Site manager Morten Brostrøm chose EAB's Maxipacker solution: ”Maxipacker allows us to use the whole of the space in the warehouse and it means we can use plastic pallets without a problem.”

The Borg Bryggerier brewery in Sarpsborg was established in 1855 and is now one of Hansa Borg's three breweries in Norway. The Sarpsborg site had struggled with a shortage of warehouse capacity for many years and decided that it was time to invest in the future. Since the largest wholesale warehouses in Norway are in the East, production in Sarpsborg will increase. Consequently, the warehouse had to have as many pallet spaces as possible. So, site manager Morten Brostrøm went looking for effective storage solutions and found, amongst others, EAB Lagerteknikk and its Maxipacker solution.

Tough competition
The competition was tough and EAB was up against several other companies. Ultimately, EAB was chosen as supplier and Morten says the decision was based on the company's many years of experience. Morten also realised that EAB's Maxipacker (shuttle) solution was unique and has this to say about the company's choice: ”We believe it's a more reasonable option than rollers. We know from experience that rollers are more expensive to maintain, especially when we're planning to change from wooden to plastic pallets. So we think the maintenance costs will be lower with Maxipacker.” He also says that the Maxipacker solution is ideal for them because it uses the entire volume of the warehouse.

Maxipacker: not an obvious choice from the outset
So, the choice was between two different solutions: Rollers and Maxipacker. But a solution involving Maxipacker wasn't the obvious choice from the outset: ”Here in Norway not many companies have installed a shuttle system, so initially my idea met with opposition and some people were sceptical about it because most companies in Norway use roller systems,” says Morten.

Hansa Borg Topp2

Good chemistry meant a smooth project
This was the first time the two companies had worked together and the project was extremely successful: ”Everything went really smoothly and both parties are delighted with the result. Hansa Borg is a major player on the Norwegian market and is a very important client for us.It's great to have such amenable clients,” says sales representative Frank Mandal from EAB Lagerteknikk. Morten is quick to agree: ”The project was extremely successful. There was a chemistry between us from the word go, and we built up a trust between us which means a lot, there's no doubt about that.”

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