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EAB awarded the 2014 Silver Beam!

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Brothers Sven-Gunnar Andersson and Per-Åke Andersson were awarded the 2014 Silver Beam for their entrepreneurial work in the sector of steel construction. The Silver Beam is the Swedish Steel Construction Institute´s award for outstanding efforts in the development of steel construction.

The jury’s motivation was as follows:

”The brothers Sven-Gunnar and Per-Åke Andersson were awarded the 2014 Silver Beam for their and their family’s entrepreneurial work over many years within the steel construction industry. By dint of hard work and intensive entrepreneurial efforts, the family has built up a business that is appreciated by both its customers and employees.
The company’s aim is to be a strong supplier of steel buildings, storage equipment and doors. It has developed its own construction and production processes as well as supply chains, allowing it to supply buildings, storage equipment and doors throughout the world within a short time, in the highest quality and with high precision. The entrepreneurial mindset permeates the whole company. There is a clear focus on developing its employees – who are ideally drawn from the local area. Its premises in Smålandsstenar are an example to all industrial operations and maintain undisputedly high standards in terms of fitness for purpose, quality and safety.
It’s a real pleasure to award authentic entrepreneurs Sven-Gunnar and Per-Åke this year’s Silver Beam for having developed and built up the company which their father had founded.”

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