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Vastbo Transport 2Västbo Transport AB is one of the largest, privately-owned transport companies in Sweden. They employ 160 people and own 85 articulated vehicles. Västbo Transport AB transports mainly bulk and general cargo on behalf of Schenker. They operate their own traffic controller unit in Smålandsstenar which controls the vehicles to be loaded. The vehicles operate around the clock, travelling in total more than 7,500,000 kilometres (187 times around the world) every year. The company is cramped and requires larger premises to house all operations under the one roof in one location. They are now building new facilities at the exit from Smålandsstenar on the road to Värnamo.

The new building covers a total of 10,300 square meters, including a reloading centre, offices, a lorry wash unit, a diesel-filling station and workshop for their own vehicles. 
The main contractor is Gislebygg AB.
EAB delivers a steel frame, roof and walls, 12 fully-glazed doors, the majority in the Designline finish, and stairs and railings.

It is so far the largest order on the home front for EAB. The building will be completed by spring 2013.

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