Durability at its best

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Built to last' says everything about how we think and act here at EAB. It's a promise we make to our customers, but also to our employees, suppliers and anyone else connected to us.

In products
EAB's products are the result of a concept we have developed ourselves, encompassing the whole process from the selection of materials to the assembled product. Our Engineering Principles are a key part of this concept.

In working relation ships
We look after our relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and the surrounding world via a shared commitment, attentiveness, flexibility and quality assurance.

In time
At EAB, we always think long-term when we are investing, entering new partnerships, building, hiring new employees or starting a new EAB initiative.

Always there with you
It begins as an idea, grows to become a vision and results in a drawing, a design, a building under construction and a finished monument of a company that is thinking about the future. At EAB, we are with you the whole way. We make ideas become reality – a reality that lasts.  

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Sustainability presentation

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